Paul Caddis

DOP, Director & Lighting Cameraman | Experience over twenty years

Credits with all UK terrestrials, many digital networks, independent film and television production companies. All styles and techniques in all conditions and locations.



Helicopters (many hours). Fixed wing. Military fast jets (ejector seat trained). Ballooning. Air to air. Various air sports.


Sea, on, in and under. Surf (all sizes). Jet ski. Boats. Fast Power Boats. Yachts, Military vessels. Sub aqua. White water river. Boat to boat. Many other water sports. Snow, mountains, snowboards and ski tracking.


Film sets and locations. Dollies, jibs, rigs, cranes, steadicam. Director of photography; multi camera location shoots. Multi camera two man operation. Long lenses, Specialist cameras and mini cams, Location, show, studio and   theatre lighting of complex sets and performances. Live studio and OB.   Location single camera live. Single camera PSC in over 150 countries.   Single camera and sound (one man band). Remote locations and harsh environments. Rope access structures, mountains and volcanoes. Jungle   and desert operation. Extreme cold and altitude (to 7000m). International   social, emotional and dangerous/ harsh environments. Transport, mechanics,   and fixing in remote locations. Survival and wilderness. Commercials,  promos and exotic, salubrious locations, clients and talent. Special effects,   green screen and cgi. Wild life. Macro, time lapse and scientific. High speed   and slow motion. Lighting camera docs and dramas. DOP docs, drama and   films.


Stunts and pyrotechnics. Explosions. Weapons, martial arts and sword fighting.


Health and safety trained. Swift water and surf rescue trained. Hazardous environments trained. Experienced climber and waterman. Generally fit and healthy. Medical emergency, triage and resuss trained. Up to date with most jabs.